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about me

I am an experienced design professinal with a Master's degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle. Currently, I work at Microsoft as a Senior UX/Visual Designer for the DevDiv (Microsoft Developer Division). Before Microsoft, I worked for Disney ABC Television Group as an Art Director/UX/UI Designer. Much of my professional career has been focused in the digital space designing web and mobile experiences. I am an experienced designer, with a background that includes web, mobile, print, packaging, brand development and illustration. I also have worked in trade show and exhibition design.

I am a well rounded designer who is comfortable with end-to-end design projects and straddles the divide between Visual and UX design.

SR Staff UX/Visual Designer - GE Digital Healthcare
SR UX/Visual Designer - Microsoft
Art Director, UX/UI Designer - Disney ABC Television Group
Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator - Humongous Entertainment
Designer/Illustrator - Brazzos
Prepress, Production Designer - Richmark Labels
Production Designer, Silkscreener - Dick Peele and Associates
Production Designer, Silkscreener - Design Dimesions, Inc
Illustrator, in-store sign maker - Wholefoods

my story

I began my design career in Poughkeepsie, NY. My start as a design professional began at WholeFoods, one of my roles was to be the in-store artist and sign maker. At the time, all the graphics were to done by hand to contribute to the artisianal nature of the store's product lines. From there I moved on to Design Dimensions, Inc, a Raleigh based high-end design and custom fabrication shop specializing in permanent exhibits, trade show displays, retail and office fixtures, product prototyping, and graphic design. At Design Dimensions, I worked as a silk-screen printer, production artist and fabricator.

head west young man

Like many others I heeded the call west and relocated to the Seattle area during the mid-90s to join the emerging and booming tech economy. In Seattle I picked up where I left off in Raleigh quickly finding work as silk-screener and fabricator for Peele & Associates. After about 6 months with Peele, I landed a job as a prepress specialist with Richmark labels. In addition to my prepress duties, I also created printing plates and labels designs for a variety of local products. Through these jobs I developed my skills as a designer and gained hands-on knowledge of production techniques for a variety of design related professions. My next brought me back to silkscreening as an illustrator-designer for a licensed clothing manufacture in Kent, WA. The company has since been sold off and shipped to asia where it continues to produce a variety of clothing items mainly for Disney and Warner Brothers that are sold at big box stores such as Target and Walmart. I worked mainly on Bugs Bunny and produced a number of season lines before the company was sold off.

Humongous Entertainment, Inc gave me my next professional opportunity. I was initially hired as a graphic designer and specialized in brand development and product packaging for a number of the company's character driven, interactive CD-ROM games. I created many of the early package designs for Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Freddie Fish, Putt-Putt and the Backyard Sports Series. Humongous moved into the online space and I moved with them becoming part of the web team. Humongous fell victim to the dot-com bust and was sold a number of times. It was a difficult topsy-turvy time and by the spring of 2000 I decided that I needed a more stable work environment, something like Disney.

the big time

I landed a designer's dream job with the Walt Disney Company although, I didn't quite know it. At the time, the Disney | ABC Television Group was I was hired to be the designer as part of a six person development team for the ten Disney owned local news stations spread across the country. The stations include:


I have become a geek and work as a SR UX/Visual designer at Microsoft. Such is life.


GE Digital Healthcare

Current gig. I spend my time working to improve healthcare enncounters for patients and providers. Guess I am no longer a geek.


for fun

Cycling cleanses the soul. It is what keeps me focused on what is important in life.

“No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.” Sherlock Holmes

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