jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

The LiveWell Network

The LiveWell Network evolved out of the additional bandwidth provided when the FCC mandated that all television networks must switch off the analog networks to digital ones. Suddenly, Disney ABC Television needed to develop programming for the addition space offered by the digital network or they would have to forefit the space. The solution was to develop a new series of low cost programming of home, health, lifestyle, cooking, and DIY shows that existed purely on the newly acquired digital stream.

The experiment was a success and survived on a shoe string budget for a number of years and underwent two site incarnations during its life as a network. However, 2014 will be the networks last year as Disney ABC Television has made the strategic decision to focus on its core news content and get out of the entertainment business.

  • Role: UI Design, Art Direction and Production
  • Client: Disney ABC Television Group
  • Year: 2008 - 2014

abc otv family portrait
The Livewell Network version 2.1 homepage, a detailed view.

KGO home lg
Various page types from the LiveWell Network site. Shown here is the main landing page of the site, a show page from "Let's Dish and an accompaning story page, and an episode index for "Everyday Living". The header featured is the original one from an earlier site redesign.

Wireframes of the 3 sizes
The original LiveWell Network Site. It simply was a modified version of the early Disney ABC Television Group's news design.

phone and tablet views
The mobile phone and tablet versions of the new site. Here you can see how the header on the tablet version resolved.