jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

Miscelleanous Project Samples

Below is a sampling of my work that has been selected to show my range. The following items feature logo work, my illustration style and

  • Role: Design, Illustration, and more
  • Client: Various
  • Year: 2010 - 2014

2012 SnoBotics art for the Snoqualmie Lego Robotics League. The design consists of a team logo which incorporates the member names and a cartooned "SnoBot". The graphics were used to produce a number of items for the team including: t-shirts, decals, a team banner and more.

A sampling of logos for a number of different companies. Respresented here is Café Manson, Pomote Cycling, Greenman Chocolates, Viewscapes, Three Brothers Landscaping, Erik's Catering and Cannella Marketing.

The Sourmash Stevedores
Album art for the Sourmash Stevedores. For this project, I created an original digital illustration in the style of an expressionistic woodcut.
Shown here is the front and back of the CD jacket which was printed on heavy recycled stock and the CD disk art.

21 Turns Poster Project
The 21 Turns Poster Project is an informational graphic depicting one legendary stage of the Tour de France. The final poster (on right) features information
about the mountain's topography, route map, grade, profile, as well as what it takes to race up the mountain. Past winners and their times are listed and more.

The Sourmash Stevedores
The DarWin Classic Cyclo-lution t-shirt art, badge logo design and 10th Annual commemorative design. This is part of
a long running project which feature new designs and design updates on an annual basis.

Alle Poster
A series of illustrations honoring the Tour de France.

poster art styles
Further examples of my illustration style. The images here were created in homage to the political propanda style used in the 30s and 40s during WW2.

detail sketches to hifi mock-up
An App concept for Viewscapes®. The idea uses virtual reality to allow home owners to view landscape options

Process examples for Viewscapes showing iterative sketches and lo-fi prototyping.

theory v Practice
Lastly, a series of editorial images depicting the disconnected relationship between theory and practice.