jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

On The Red Carpet OTRC

On The Red Carpet is the offspring of KABC New's entertainment reporting. The station decided they needed a dedicated site for entertainment news. This page is focused on the rework of the original site I designed. The newer version has a much more user friendly interface with white space to make reading easier. Another feature is OTRC wanted to have a very blog-like feel to distinguish it from its parent KABC.

OTRC's days are numbered. It has fallen victim to the budgetary ax.

  • Role: UI/UX Design, Art Direction and Production
  • Client: Disney ABC Television Group
    On The Red Carpet
  • Year: 2010

abc otv family portrait
Close up detail of On The Red Carpet's home page.

OTRC pages
The main page types - home, index, story and video.

the 2007 design
The 2007 design was spun off directly from KABC's news site. It featured simplified navigation and OTRC specific branding.

pre 07
An example of the pre- one-offs used by the stations to cover special entertainment focused events. The need for an entertainment site
was necessitated by the amount of work needed to create the micro-sites.

otrc episode view
A detailed view of an episode page.