jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

Screen Pig App

The Screen Pig App is an example of a personal project that grew out of a parent's concern over the amount of time children spend sedentary playing games on mobile devices. Simply, kids are not getting enough excerise. The idea behind Screen Pig is to tie physical activity levels directly to how much time children can play on a device through wearable technology such as a heartrate monitor, fitbit, fuel band and so on. Screen Pig restricts your children's access to games on mobile devices until their activity levels are uploaded from the wearable. Game time is based on how much time the kids spend and how hard they play. Screen Pig is controlled by the parent who determines the ratio of physical activity to game time and has the ability to override settings as needed. By default Screen Pig limits game play to the AMA's two hour daily limit.

I included this project to show my conceptual skills. It provides a good example of how a project develops to high fidelity mock-ups from conceptual sketches.

  • Role: UX/UI Design, illustration and production art
  • Client: Screen Pig
  • Year: In progress

Screen Pig About Screen
The Screen Pig App. A gateway that ties children's physical activity to playtime on mobile devices.

how it works
How Screen Pig works in a nutshell.

problem statement
The basic problem statement and solution with a bit of process throw in for explanation.

screen pig screen types
The different screen types which evolved out of the development process.

Early Conceptual Sketching
Examples of early conceptual and iterative sketches.

Logo and Brand development
Screen Pig logo and branding development.