jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

Jazz Clubs Northwest

Jazz Clubs Northwest (JCNW) is a non-profit with a mission to promote jazz performance and education in western Washington. My work for JCNW is purely voluntary. Mostly, I create promotional materials based on 1930s through 1960s jazz art and album work.

Jazz Clubs Northwest spun off of the Boxley's Music Fund.

I mainly do this because it is creative and fun. Plus, it is for a good cause.

  • Role: Art Direction, Illustration and image consultation
  • Client: Jazz Clubs Northwest
    Jazz Clubs Northwest
  • Year: 2014 - 2016

Event posters based on Blue Note's iconic album art.
Poster illustration and design for Boxley's Place.

Monthly jazz posters
These posters are part of a monthly series dedicated to promoting jazz music and education.

More event posters
Poster for "Night at the Club" and Boxley's "New Years Eve" party.

pre 07
The Jazz Club Northwest's Jazz Walk. I designed and illustrated a series of postes for a series of events in western Washington.

Jazz Walk 2016
Two more posters from the Jazz Walk series.

High school jazz promotion
Posters promoting high school jazz musicians taking part in club events.

Max Cennella Trio event posters />
		  <h6>The Max Cannella Trio posters. These are just two in a series of posters created for the band.</h6>
		<!-- End project image -->	

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