jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

msdn and msdn magazine

The Microsoft Developer Network (msdn) redesign became two designs in one. Initially, the tired old online msdn magazine was showing its age. The goal of the magazine redesign was to bring it up to modern, responsive web standards. The site was a complete revamping of the old one.

The magazine site update was such a success the msdn site was updated as well. The new msdn site is much more focused and the content is based on user traffic patterns. Gone are excess stories and page types.

  • Role: UX Design, Art Direction and Production
  • Client: Disney ABC Television Group
    msdn magazine

  • Year: 2015

msdn home lg
A user's view of msdn's responsive homepage.

editorial images
One of the fun things about msdn is that it is dependent on editorial content. Content has to be updated on a monthly basis. I work closely with an illustrator and content managers in creating images and selecting stock images.

homepage desk and mobile
The redesigned msdn homepage - desktop and mobile view.

navigation specs
As part of the redesign for both msdn and the magazine the header was redesigned. Above shows part of the spec developed for the tablet size version.

magazine page types
The adobe Illustrator file showing the various page types that needed to be developed for the magazine.

Kine tuning a weather page
Another example of the fine tuning which took place during the process. Shown here, are notes ona number of items including: color modifications, image sizes, spacing modifications, and alternative interactions made on a print out of the actual site during its development.

phone and tablet views
The magazine in desktop view.