jean cannella

design • art direction • illustration

The Washington Health Foundation

The Washington Health Foundation (WHF) is a non-profit organization that works with the governor and other state institutions to promote healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise and genral health information.

I worked on a number of projects for the foundation ranging from print materials to designing the website.

  • Role: UI Design, Art Direction, Illustration and Production for print and web
  • Client: Washington Health Foundation
  • Year: 2008-2011

abc otv family portrait
Posters for the WHF sponsored Greek Challenge and Governor's Health Bowl. Both campaigns are target university students in Washington.

KGO home lg
Poster campaign for the Washington State Employee's Health Challenge. The challenge is part of WHF's larger mission to
promote healthy lifestyles through the website.

WHF Detail
The Washington Health Foundation's website design.

page types
The three main page types of the site design. Shown from left to right are the home, index and story pages. One of the largest challeges in
designing the site was incorporating the original circular header graphic that WHF used for a logo.

detail sketches to hifi mock-up
Fortunately, afew months after the launch WHF reworked their logo and it was incorporated into the new site design.

Kine tuning a weather page
Elements of WHF's information accordian and their associated panel graphics.